City wall of Rothenburg ob der Tauber
German Castles Road, Franconia, Bavaria, South Germany,
between Nuremburg / Nuremberg / Nurnberg airport 87 km, Wurzburg 67 km, Frankfurt airport 188 km, Heidelberg / Neckar 168 km, Stuttgart airport 166 km and Munich / Munchen airport 241 km

Picture 1 View towards the town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Picture 2 Rothenburg city hall
Picture 3 Rothenburg Markus tower
Picture 4 Rothenburg "Heilig-Blut"-Altar from Riemenschneider in the St. Jakobus Church
Picture 5 Rothenburg "Heilig-Blut-Altar" from Riemenschneider in the St. Jakobus Church
Picture 6 Gasthaus Stahl is a real gem of a place, in that wonderful, scenic location
Picture 7 The old brick arch wine cellar of the winery Stahl
Picture 8 Rothenburg city wall
Picture 9 Rothenburg city wall
Picture 10 Rothenburg city wall

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City wall of Rothenburg
"Pax intrantibus, salus exeuntibus" - " Peace to those who enter, hail those who leave, " so it is written at the Spitaltor (Spital Gate). A principle which still applies to the inhabitants and visitors of the city. Matters were handled especially peaceful behind the walls of the Spital quarter.

The imposing defense facilities at the Spital and Röder gate served to keep away uninvited guests and impressively conveyed in the age of nuclear weapons how well deterrence in the Middle Ages worked.
Out of all the mediaeval city-fortifications, here unfolds the most tremendous, self-contained and best-preserved cityscapes

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